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Lichtleiter von Stiers im Alfons Schuhbeck's Restaurant

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Der Spezialist für Faseroptik, Lichtleitfaser, Faseroptikbeleuchtung, Glasfaserbeleuchtung, Sternenhimmel, Vitrinenbeleuchtung, Kunstwerkbeleuchtung, Glasfaserlicht, Faseroptiklicht, Glasfaseroptik, Lichtbox, Lichtgenerator. Für Museum, Ausstellung oder Privatgebrauch, Lichtleitfaser, Lichtleiter Beleuchtung, Vitrinenbeleuchtung, Kunstwerkbeleuchtung, Kunststofflichtleiter, Glasfaserlicht, Sidelight, Endlight, Seitenlicht, Glasfaseroptik, Lichtwellenleiter, Faseroptische Systeme, Lichtbox, Lichtgenerator, auch Saunalicht, Sauna Sternenhimmel, Lichtleitersternenhimmel produzieren wir.

Fibre Optic, Endlight from the Roll - Easy to mount and connect, roll out the needed length, cut with a knife or scissors and connect to the Stiers Light Box that comes with the needed connector. Ideal for lighting and star effect. No lenses needed.
Multi Core Fibre Optic Endlight - Ideal for transmitting much light to a designated position without electrical wiring can be used with or without lens. If both ends go to Light Box, light cannot come out of the end, so the light comes out on the side.
LED Compact Generator with 15 Watt RGB power, full colour changer, with remote control, 16 mm opening for connecting fibers. Size: 16 x 10 x 5 cm.
High powered 100 quartz light jet with color wheel, 2.000 hour bulb. Optimal cooling, light power app. 200 watts. Unit is also ideal where light is switched or dimmed. App. 16 mm fibre mounting bracket included, as well as motorized colour wheel. Size: 29 x 15 x 15 cm - 4 kg.
Fibre Optic Generator 200 with 8 colours, 32 programs + DMX, extra bright, 32 mm opening for fibers, 100 Watt Quartz, app. 200 Watt light power. Size: 28 x 16 x 13 cm - 4 kg.
Super bright light jet uses 150 watt energy saving 8'000 hour bulb that produces app. 400 watts light power. Electronic circuit to deploy low heat build-up. Comes with built-in color-wheel and app. 32 mm fibre connection ring. Size: 30 x 17 x 16 cm - 8 kg.

125 Starlights app.1,1 mm Fibre Optic with app. 2,5 mm hulls, each fibre is 200 cm long, ideal for star effect, about 4 - 15 square meters, new light box produces similar light power as Light Box 200 with Colour Changer, uses 100 Watt power.